About Us

In daily life, legal issues such as those associated with traffic accidents, lease agreements, immigration status and employment sometimes occur. People who have little knowledge of the law can have difficulty with these issues. In particular, for foreigners with limited understanding of Japanese culture, and even less understanding of the Japanese legal system, tackling such legal problems alone can lead to greater confusion and potentially more serious consequences than when advised by a competent Japanese qualified lawyer.
Abe Shimizu Law Office provides individuals with professional Japanese legal services in English. We are members of the International Committee in the Nagasaki Bar Association and are listed on the websites of U.S. and Australian embassy.

Our Policy

・Abe Shimizu Law Office strictly protects the privacy of our clients.
・Abe Shimizu Law Office listens carefully to clients to ascertain legal issues in various situations, and the potential ramifications, with the aim of providing effective legal advice.
・Abe Shimizu Law Office aims to provide not only legal solutions, but also genuine resolution of problems, to improve your future life, including business and social activities in Japan.

Our Services

Traffic Accidents

For more than 40 years, Abe Shimizu Law Office has provided legal advice in relation to traffic accidents, representing both victims of traffic accidents and insurance companies. We provide assistance with all issues related to traffic accidents, and have knowledge and experience related to areas such as periods of hospital treatment, certification of residual disabilities, consolation payments, and relationships between different types of insurance cover.
Abe Shimizu Law Office also provides legal support to victims of traffic accidents and their families involved in criminal procedures related to such accidents. We are registered as knowledgeable lawyers who are competent in providing assistance to such crime victims.

Lease Agreements

Abe Shimizu Law Office can give legal advice to people experiencing an issue with leases, such as a request from an owner to exit an apartment, refusal by an owner to return deposit money, or trouble with neighbors.

Immigration Law Assistance

Abe Shimizu Law Office can provide assistance with a range of Japanese immigration law issues, such as changes in residence status, acquisition of permanent resident status, or extensions to periods of stay in Japan.

Labor Issues

Abe Shimizu Law Office can provide legal assistance for various employment law issues, including dismissal from employment, non-payment of salary by an employer, and work-place harassment. For these problems we have expertise in utilizing conciliation, the labor tribunal, and court proceedings. We have a thorough understanding of the doctrine of “abuse of right of dismissal”, which provides protection to workers against unfair dismissal.

Support of Crime Victims

Abe Shimizu Law Office assists victims of crimes and their families attending criminal court trials who are involved in criminal proceedings. We are registered on the list of knowledgeable lawyers who are competent in providing assistance to crime victims.

Criminal Procedure

Abe Shimizu Law Office provides legal assistance to people who have been arrested by police, or who face accusation from public prosecutors.

Our Fee

Fee for Legal Consultation

8,000 JPY per 30 min. (consumption tax excluded)

Mobilization Fee and Contingency Fee

When you have decided to ask Abe Shimizu Law Office for assistance, a mobilization fee is required to be paid. After resolution of the matter, a contingency fee is charged. Both are based on the economic value of a given case.

Economic Value of Case Mobilization Fee Contingency Fee
3,000,000 JPY or less 12 %
(consumption tax excluded)
(consumption tax excluded)
Over 3,000,000 JPY
to 30,000,000 JPY
8%+120,000 JPY
(consumption tax excluded)
12%+180,000 JPY
(consumption tax excluded)

* The minimum mobilization fee is 150,000 JPY (consumption tax excluded).
* Fees could vary based on the circumstances and particular difficulties of a given case.
* If you need information about fees for particular type of cases (such as divorce, inheritance and criminal procedure), please contact our office by phone.


Abe Shimizu Law Office can also provide legal assistance in family law matters (including divorce proceedings), property law matters (including inheritance matters), and a range of other matters. If you have any questions about legal issues in Japan, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to provide you with helpful legal advice.


Our office is one minute from Ko-zen Machi bus stop.
We are located behind the Daily Yamazaki (convenience store), which is across the street from the Nagasaki City Library.
We are 4 minutes from Nigiwai-bashi tram station (No. 37).
Go up the hill from the Nigiwai-bashi tram station for the Nagasaki City Library. Immediately before the traffic light, turn right. Abe Shimizu Law Office is on the left side of the road.


Legal consultation is provided from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays. In certain cases, legal consultation may be provided at night or on Saturdays.




4-14,Ko-zen machi,Nagasaki-City,Nagasaki,Japan

Phone : +81-95-825-0526

9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays

*In certain cases, legal consultation may be provided at night or on Saturdays.